The Music Seen


Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has a blog. Music journalism used to be reserved for the big guys – Rolling Stone, Spin, etc. Now, anybody can write about music which isn’t so great for credibility’s sake . … Continue reading

I’m Sorry, Dear Self

I have been neglecting my blogging duties! My apologies! I am back now and ready to complain again. How lucky for you!

Today would have been my grandmother’s 86th birthday. I keep wondering what she would say to me today if she could tell me anything. I know I say this a lot, but I hope she’s proud of me. I feel like I’m holding on so tightly to things, afraid to let something go but I’m not exactly sure what that is.

My own birthday is this Friday. Six months ago, I made a promise to myself that I would actually find a job by now. Unfortunately, life isn’t that easy. What I hate the most though is that I let myself down. I do that a lot. I’m trying to be better, but my mind won’t shut up sometimes. I’m finding it hard to fit in anywhere. I know there’s a wonderful position for me out there; I just gotta dig a little deeper.

It’s okay to have failed. It means you’ve tried. But never stop trying. That’s when you truly fail.

Wish me luck?

I Think God Can Explain


When you lose yourself in something that ultimately leads to a breakthrough, precious time isn’t wasted. We go through the motions of the confusion, not sure which way to turn. At the same time, we’re begging God to speak – … Continue reading

I Didn’t Go to College. I Regret Nothing.


Let’s just start off by mentioning the elephant in the room: I didn’t go to college…and I don’t plan on it. I’ve definitely thought about it and even in high school I had always assumed I’d go, since that’s the … Continue reading

What The Death of Robin Williams Can Teach Us About Life, Legacies and Living Selflessly


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Fearless In 2014: Work With What You Have


Growing up, and even now, all I heard my mother say was that we didn’t have enough money or resources. Money, like I stated in my last post, is obviously crucial for a lot of things these days, and without … Continue reading

5 Weeks Til…?

I’m not sure why it feels like a countdown to my death sentence, but I have 5 weeks until I turn 26.

My first thought is, “how the hell did this happen?” along with “time flies when you’re getting old.”

With every day that passes by, I feel like I am running out of time.

I should have a damn job by now. Right? People should want to hire me. Right? The longer I search the more jaded I become…and I’ve been looking and applying for a while. Right now, stocking shelves and tagging clothing items at Forever 21 sounds pretty appealing, but every time I think of stepping foot in the realm of retail, I get this horrible feeling that once I dip my toes in, I’m never coming back. Most people my age feel this way, which begs the question: is this all we are worth?

I waste so much time worrying about if I’ll ever be happy meanwhile I’m not exactly a basket full of sunshine right now. It’s like the mere thought of knowing you’re going to hate every minute of your future life haunts you until you stupidly miss out on things that have the possibility to make you happy, if not slightly.

I’m just trying to enjoy my life, but there’s always the thought of what I should have looming over my head like a dark cloud. Will I ever find a job that brings fulfillment into my life? Will I ever find a place where I actually feel like I belong?

What have I got to lose? At this point, absolutely nothing.

5 Reasons Why We Make Lists (From a Writer’s Standpoint)


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A Godwink

It jumped out at me,
a book on a shelf of millions.
I took it home,
happy to get lost inside a world not my own.
But as the storyline grew,
it reminded me of you.
Your name,
though common,
was laced through the pages,
surprising me with every glance.
But little did I know,
the biggest surprise would come at the end.
Your last name,
on a page,
rearranged as your birthday.

What Do YOU Want?


A couple of nights ago, an acquaintance I follow asked a question on Twitter that really got me thinking. She asked, “So, does anybody in their 20’s know what they want?” I replied, “somewhat, but no.” I’m not sure why … Continue reading