Prefer You

I’d rather have your arms around me, but I have my imagination instead I’d rather have your legs warming my feet, but I have this old blanket instead I’d rather listen to stories about your life, but I have these books on my shelf instead I’d rather have your hands in my hair, but I… More Prefer You

Close The Book

Every chapter was the same The waiting The aching The hunger   Each page, the same questions The when’s The where’s The how’s But most importantly, The why’s   The writing, perfectly etched into the page, told a story of one girl’s dream; a fairy tale in the making. But as the years dragged on,… More Close The Book

Same Old Love

Number one had a room full of unspoken truths. When he finally spoke, my world moved, but he was too afraid to let me in. He told them I was too powerful and that I would only hinder his life. When he chose another, a lesser version of me, my heart broke but eventually mended.… More Same Old Love

20 Questions

Back in the day (early 2003-ish) instead of Tumblr, Facebook and social media, email surveys were all the rage. I used to love checking my email (AOL oh jeeze what hell) and finding a bunch of random surveys from my friends. I obviously had nothing better to do back then. Turns out, I still don’t… More 20 Questions

Warm Blood

I keep replaying memories of us in my mind But I have to remind myself that these aren’t memories Just a reminder of all I will never have Or experience   They say you need to imagine it in order for it to become a reality I have spent a lifetime in my imagination Only… More Warm Blood


Sometimes I want to disappear I want the mere presence of everything I am to evaporate as fast as hope left me that fateful day Until there is no more evidence that I ever existed The mystery of all I have left them with will be enough to make them wonder; to question who would… More Disappear