Something strange happened the other night as I looked up at the stars. I found myself in a state of contentment. I did not wish for anything, Except to keep what I already have.   Something strange happened the other day while on an adventure with the one I love. He spoke words from the … More Serendipity

Hurts Like Hell

*Found this lying around somewhere. Wrote it about a year ago but never shared until now. Enjoy. 🙂 – More often than not, the things we do not say out loud have the tendency to overwhelm us. But whether we say them or not depends on the outcome we envision during the aftermath, playing a … More Hurts Like Hell

The Drummer

She says she’s never seen you play And I can’t help but wonder why The very thing that brought you to me Is now a distant memory   She’ll never know the pain Of watching you on stage Of knowing you don’t belong to her Or of walking away without a single goodbye   I’ll … More The Drummer

Updates & Apologies

I’ve been neglecting this blog for about a month now but I want to assure you all that it is not intentional! My other writing duties at The Daily Listening and Buzznet have kept me super busy this past month. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work that it’s starting to get to me but I’m … More Updates & Apologies