They say you can’t lose what you never had, But I think that’s bullshit. If you felt it in your heart, You had it all.   Unfortunately, these things leave. They serve their purpose and teach you things you never would have learned otherwise. I thought I’d be mourning this, But truth is I’m mourning… More Darkness/Light

10 Absolutely Harrowing Moments: An Insomniac’s Checklist

That harrowing moment when: Everyone knows and you feel like an idiot. Your pain is twisted into something it is not by others and you are left trying to figure out if it is worth defending. You are told to stop feeling it so deeply. You feel like there is no escape and everyone is… More 10 Absolutely Harrowing Moments: An Insomniac’s Checklist

5 Years

July 28, 2015 11:50PM – Five years ago tonight I went to sleep like any normal person. I awoke as someone new. Five weeks ago, everything came crashing down. For five years I lived under the illusion that I was meant for more; more than anything I could ever see with my own eyes. I… More 5 Years