Advice for the Young

It’s just so freeing when you’re finally able to ignore everyone’s opinions on what direction your life should go in while saying, “I wasn’t brought into this world to please you or live your life.”

This is so important, especially when you are young. You were put on this Earth for a reason; your own purpose. Why waste precious time fulfilling what others want?

I know our loved ones mean well, and their suggestions are shared with love (though sometimes they don’t feel that way and they do more harm than good) but it is absolutely crucial you shake them off and continue on where your heart is leading you.

For some people, this whole notion may sound foreign. Some people don’t believe that there is a whole other world outside of their limited thinking. Just because you grew up in a negative family, doesn’t mean that’s your destiny. Rise above it. Believe it with every fiber of your being and prove it to be true.

What pisses me off the most is when people assume they know about your field, yet they offer up mediocre suggestions and ways to buck the system while insisting you spend time hobnobbing your way through so-called connections. I appreciate the effort. I do. But please. Allow me to continue on my path organically without selling my soul to the devil (which I spent most of 2014 doing, so I’d rather not go down that path again.)

Some may not believe this, but God gave us everything we’ve ever needed to succeed in this lifetime. If you don’t have it, you don’t need it. I’m finally reaching that place where I feel like I’m not lacking in any area…and for a person who has suffered through depression, anxiety and low self-esteem the majority of my life, this is a huge stepping stone for me. Please respect that and move along.

Something may work for you, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for me and vice versa. Nobody has to understand your path but you. If people don’t understand it, (and here comes the freeing part) it’s not your problem!

Ignore everyone and do you. The rest comes naturally.

I Already See It

I can’t wait until the day

I get to look over and see your smiling face.

You in the driver’s seat,

kids in the backseat.

And as we enter the city,

you’ll look over at me,

and I won’t be so scared of conquering it all on my own.

Momentary Glimpse: March 10, 2015

Sometimes, I think it’s better to hide out in a place where no one can find you or read your thoughts. It’s better to stay quiet and save every harrowing thought to yourself. It’s awful when you’re trying to express your pain and thoughts into words and they just don’t come out right. This leads to misconceptions of your character and therefore, someone’s first impressions of you stick.

We all have our bad days. We also have our good days. We are all human, capable of both extraordinary and terrifying things. Until there’s some supernatural way to step into someone else’s body and feel every intense emotion while listening to the sound of their noisy brain, who are we to assume one’s character?

These are my stories and my stories alone. Don’t use them against me and don’t assume you really know me. There are things I choose to show. There are things I choose to hide. Though I’m always honest, it still doesn’t bare my entire being. You can’t touch me behind a screen. A simple comment cannot fix me. That’s my (and God’s) job.

An action supersedes all words.

Journalistic Integrity

Garbage frontwoman, Shirley Manson, confirmed today that her latest Facebook rant wasn’t about Kanye West but about an industry insider. Fitting anyway.

However, she went on to say,

“Modern journalism in most cases these days, barely resembles the craft that was once practiced with such care, skill and integrity. Instead we are stuck with provocative scandal mongers who will stoop at nothing in an effort to drive people to their web sites.”

I’m glad she gets it because it seems everyone else certainly doesn’t.

I strive to find a place (or better yet, create my own) where integrity is at the forefront. I am not a robot, miming what others do for money and/or page views. I will not stoop down to a level of stupidity by wasting my time and talents on mediocre nonsense just for a page view.

If you want substance and authenticity, I’m your girl. If not, be on your way. I’m tired of being passed over for a miniscule mind who’d much rather write a 10 point list on why being in your twenties sucks…with a degree no less.

That is all.