Without Me

Wait Don’t fade Not before I find the courage To say all I’ve wanted to say Your face How it follows me everywhere And the signs haven’t faded They’re as plain as day I’d like to know What I ever did In my life to deserve this And why it took me so long to … More Without Me

Prefer You

I’d rather have your arms around me, but I have my imagination instead I’d rather have your legs warming my feet, but I have this old blanket instead I’d rather listen to stories about your life, but I have these books on my shelf instead I’d rather have your hands in my hair, but I … More Prefer You

Love, Be Damned

Damn these stars For making me wish For making me feel so much  ♥ Damn these songs For starting a fire in my heart For the flow of tears never-ending  ♥ Damn these dreams For making me want things Unattainable  ♥ Damn this heart For praying for miracles For hoping for fairy tales ♥ Damn … More Love, Be Damned

Moving Through Pain

“Don’t think about it,” says the mind. “Don’t look at it,” says the heart. “Don’t spill out,” says the eyes.   “Don’t speak of it,” says the mouth. “Numb it all away,” says the body. “Destroy everything in your path,” says the soul.   Because eventually it will all fade. Eventually, you’ll be void and … More Moving Through Pain


Sometimes I watch the planes fly in at night, wishing you were on one of them, making your way back home to me. You’d call and say, “Baby, I’m home.” I wouldn’t have to wonder what that feeling felt like anymore. But a part of me does wonder, if there’s any part of the longing … More Longing

Looking Forward

In the midst of the pain I’m still looking forward I want the long car rides, music playing and stories shared. Your hand on the wheel, the other on my knee. I want to know the relief of knowing you’re mine. You’ve never been anyone else’s and neither have I.  

At a Terminal

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if you knew. If you are waiting for me as long as I am waiting for you. How would it be if you too dreamed of me? I wonder how it would be to have you waiting for me, at a terminal, in the midst of chaos and … More At a Terminal