I feel it everywhere I go The streets of this city all remind me of you The places we used to meet In my dreams   Sometimes I’d stand in Penn Station And imagine you waiting for me The 3:43 from Hoboken The 5:21 ready to take you away from me   The city’s lost… More 5:21

Being INFJ: The Liberation of Discovering My Personality Type

I know I haven’t really written any long-form pieces on here in a while as my moody so-called “poetry” has been taking up the pages of this blog, but today I have a little something different to share. After years of feeling like the black sheep of the world, I finally discovered some staggering yet… More Being INFJ: The Liberation of Discovering My Personality Type

Cold Heart

What I would give to be in that passenger seat The twinkle in your eyes when you tell a personal story The hand inside yours Warming with every squeeze   I could never break into your world Our lives don’t collide Making it all too difficult to breathe Afraid of what I’ll have to muddle… More Cold Heart

One and The Same

She reminds me of me Though I can never match her beauty Her mind, her soul, is me Etched in tiny fragments Expressed better than I can muster   Who would have thought I’d appreciate her words Her writing, like a glimpse into your soul An open window of all I needed to see All… More One and The Same