5 Years

July 28, 2015 11:50PM – Five years ago tonight I went to sleep like any normal person. I awoke as someone new. Five weeks ago, everything came crashing down. For five years I lived under the illusion that I was meant for more; more than anything I could ever see with my own eyes. I… More 5 Years

Clean Of This

It’s quite an eye opener to realize everything you thought was true suddenly isn’t. It’s kind of like how you see those crazed shooters or terrorists on TV, claiming that God or whatever higher power they believe in told them to do such horrible, unjust things to other humans. The God I believed in (and… More Clean Of This

20 Years

July 25th holds multiple meanings in my family. On July 25, 1995, I made the trek with my parents from Florida to New York at the ripe age of 6. To think that I’ve been a New Yorker for 20 years now just mind boggles me. The city (and my neighborhood in Brooklyn) has changed… More 20 Years

Still Alive

One month today. I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve endured in my life that were absolutely unnecessary and avoidable. I put myself through hell within these past 5 years only to be left with nothing; a promise still unfulfilled and a heart full of pain (and a sober head full of confusion.) But what… More Still Alive

Love, Be Damned

Damn these stars For making me wish For making me feel so much  ♥ Damn these songs For starting a fire in my heart For the flow of tears never-ending  ♥ Damn these dreams For making me want things Unattainable  ♥ Damn this heart For praying for miracles For hoping for fairy tales ♥ Damn… More Love, Be Damned