Happy Birthday

I woke up today with you on my mind. I thought about how life is so fleeting yet these painful moments take forever to leave our thoughts. I remembered that morning when your dream jolted me awake, leaving me in a five-year trance-like state. I thought about how you’re 30 now and your five-year plan… More Happy Birthday

Rhymes With Leave

I finally deleted your email, but the way you scarred me will forever remain. I never imagined you’d be the one to cut me deeper than the one before. And now I’m finding it so clever how your name rhymes with “leave.” “…and if you change your mind, then I will too.”

Empty Hearts

I have no wild stories to share, nor am I the poster girl for what society deems normal. I am boring personified; at least that’s what I’ve been told my entire life. I can’t indulge you in drunken nights nor do I care to enlighten your mind by getting high. Quite frankly my dear, if… More Empty Hearts


I used to not believe in coincidences I believed that everything happened for a reason, and that in time, we will know those reasons. I’m still waiting.   I used to marvel at the signs How each one felt like a magical message A wondrous escape from the confines of my mind A special reminder… More Cruelty