Bucket Lists


When I mentioned to my mom that I had a bucket list, she thought I was crazy. Not because I had goals that I want to accomplish before I leave this Earth, but because I’m 24 and have a bucket list so apparently I’m too young to think so morbidly. But whatever. It’s never too early to dream big.

I like to think that having this list makes me secure in the aspirations department. As a teen, I went through this downward spiral in high school from having the highest grades in the class to the lowest of the low. Not because I was lazy, but because I was depressed and wanted to sleep my way through life. Also for the fact that my high school was a joke and they hired teachers off the street. But that’s a whole other story. Now that I’m finally “getting my groove back” after a long slumber, I feel like I can do anything. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few things off of my bucket list. I don’t think it will ever be finished as I am adding new things to it everyday. I know a lot of them are ridiculous but hey, why not, right? 😉 I swear I almost said “YOLO.” Somebody punch me.

1. Have dinner with Shirley Manson.

– This woman saved my life. I’d love to just sit down with her and just talk about life, music and how she continues to save me in my darkest hours.

2. Interview Shirley Manson

– I’d prefer to just have dinner but if I could get an interview one day, I’d probably drop dead. Annnd there goes my bucket list…but at least I would have met her! 😀

3. Write a song with Kara DioGuardi.

– I just finished reading her autobiography and I just fell in love with how real and honest she is. If I were a musician, there’s no other co-writer I’d want than her.

4. Interview Carson Daly.

– From the tender age of 10, Carson Daly has been a household name in my world. His story inspires me. I love how he does everything in his power to stay close to the music. I’ve just started interviewing bands for my Buzznet page and he’s the first person that comes to my mind when I’m writing down those questions. It would be cool to have him on the other side of the chair and to allow the world to see how amazing he truly is.

5. Work with Carson Daly.

– When Carson taped his late night talk show, Last Call with Carson Daly, here in NYC from 2002-2005 I was a regular audience member. I remember being in awe of how the show was run and I always imagined myself working for him someday. I’d love to be his talent scout for new music or something.

6. Write a comedy skit for Saturday Night Live.

– I’m a big SNL nerd. I have a few skits in mind that I think would fit perfectly on the show. Ahh, pipe dreams.

7. Write a novel.

– I’m definitely nowhere near ready to write a book, but I have an idea in mind. Only thing is, the rest hasn’t happened yet.. 😉

8. Tour with a band.

– Let’s get this straight: I’m no groupie whore. There’s only one band I can ever see myself touring with and they’re a bunch of classy gentlemen. 😉 I don’t know exactly what I’d do on tour. Maybe be a “tour journalist” if that even exists. I can chronicle what it’s like to be on tour and give fans an inside scoop on the band’s daily routine. Who knows. As long as I’m writing and inspiring someone, I don’t care what I do.

9. Get published.

– I just want my name in a magazine. I want to write an article people love and save for years to come.

10. Hug Jimmy Fallon.

– Oh c’mon! He’s just so adorable. Plus he’s funny. 😉

11. Travel

– I want to visit every state in the United States. I’ve always wanted to go to London too.


Do you have a bucket list?


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