We All Have A Story To Tell


Something I’ve started to fully grasp on is the fact that we all have our own unique story. When I was growing up, it was expected of everyone to follow the same pattern as others before us. To graduate high school and immediately go to college. Just like that, like it’s so easy. I had no idea what I wanted at seventeen and to make someone of that age decide what they want to do with their whole life is ridiculous. For those of you who knew what you wanted early on and are still working at it, major kudos! It took some of us a long time to figure that one out.

I’ve been finding out how some people got their start and I’m just so excited that there’s a variety of stories out there other than the normal. Who wants normal anymore? Normal is boring. It doesn’t matter when you get started, all that matters is how well you do it and the drive behind it. Everything else will fall into place but you have to be willing to take chances and make some sacrifices.

After all, normal people rarely make history. 😉


One thought on “We All Have A Story To Tell

  1. I agree that the typical high-school-then-college lifestyle doesn’t suit everyone. But I have faith that your enthusiasm on doing what you love will lead you towards what you’d like to accomplish [: At the end of the day, it’s about how far you can go on your journey.


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