The Age of the Selfie


The term ‘selfie‘ has become one of the most used words of my generation, and that’s not saying too much. For those of you who don’t know, a “selfie” is when you take a picture of yourself annoyingly often and post it to social media, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Most of these photos are of people taking mirror shots in the bathroom…consistently.

Either I’m a disgrace to my generation or I was born in the wrong decade (I’ll choose the latter) I can honestly say that I’ve never taken a mirror shot. Ever. Never even taken the picture and deleted it. Why? No idea. I guess it never occurred to me to take one. Maybe I’ll shock everyone one day and take one but as of now, I’m fine, thanks.

The selfie epidemic is growing rampant within the last few years. I’ve even seen people take selfies at restaurants while sitting alone. It’s like “oh hey, yeah I’m eating alone. Wanna see my fries and my new lipstick all at once?” Okay then.

Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t like having my picture taken. Maybe I’m just a jealous snob because I’m not the least bit photogenic, and I’m not fishing for compliments when I say that but I rarely post new pics of myself. The last one I uploaded is the one you see on every blog/social media site of mine which was taken last April. I keep saying I’ll post a new one but I don’t. Probably because it takes me forever to get a decent one that I really like. Oh well, such is life.

Not all selfies are annoying. Some I look forward to seeing mainly because certain people make me smile…and they’re not posting a new one every three hours, or every day for that matter. There’s a difference between being an obnoxious egotistical attention whore and a sensible selfie-taker. Yeah, I went there. Sorry, not sorry.

Now before you all get your knickers (I hate the word “panties”) in a bunch, let me just state that I’m not against anyone taking selfies. I just find it to be quite pointless. This blog is pointless. But like everyone else in the United States of America, I have an opinion and I have the freedom to express it. Ignore me. I intend no harm.

/end rant.


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