You Sink Into My Clothes: Why Catcalling Is a Form of Harassment, NOT Flattery


As early as I can remember, I have been catcalled on the street. It’s strange to me that even on my worst days when I’m dressed like a hobo, I still get it. It really makes me think that either these lowlifes whistle at anything or maybe “hobo chic” is now fashionable. Thanks hipsters…?

When men yell obscenities at us, it really puts a damper on our self-confidence. It makes us think “is that all I attract? Why can’t I attract someone decent?” But then we have to realize that a good man won’t be catcalling you on the street like a douche bag. Some may argue and say that catcalling is a compliment (*coughmyloserexboyfriendcough*) but I am here to report that NO, CATCALLING IS NOT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM A COMPLIMENT. When men ask me, “can I get a smile, baby?” I used to offer them the finger instead, but now I’ve learned to just ignore them. You never know who has a weapon these days.


Thanks to my research skills, I found a blog post on Hello Giggles about this topic and it gave me a lot more faith in people. Numerous times I’ve asked people in the past if catcalling ever bothered them and they said no. They like it. Excuse me, what? You enjoy being harassed on the street by slimy men that, for all we know, could be rapists or convicted criminals? Even if they’re not any of those things, to me, they’re still in the same category as sex offenders. Respect yourself to know a compliment from a nice guy to a degrading remark from a sleazeball. It really is common sense.

Here is a chart on street harassment. Read it. Study it. Follow it.


The fact of the matter is, street harassment is NOT flattery. When I’m waiting for a bus, I don’t want to be honked at by every vehicle that passes by. When I’m walking down the block, I don’t want to be hissed at like some cat. If I were a cat, I’d claw the sh!t out of you. When I’m sitting on my steps outside my house, I don’t want to be whistled at like I’m some damn bird. If I were a bird, I’d make sure you were the first person I’d sh!t on! Also, when I’m on the subway, and I just so happen to look around, seeing some creep stare me down isn’t flattering: it’s just plain scary…and sickening. I once had this guy take pictures of me on his cell phone while riding the train a few years ago. To think I was just some girl in his collection completely grosses me out and it really saddens me. Women do not deserve to be subjected to such humiliation.


Keep your eyes, hands and degrading noises to yourself!


For more info check out Julia Gazdag’s blog post on Hello Giggles here. Women, rejoice! We have a place to vent! We don’t have to take it anymore.

This is the only form of catcalling I approve of. Meow.


“You sink into my clothes. This invasion makes me feel worthless, hopeless, sick.


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