That Little Social Scene Is Just A Hate Machine: 10 Ways Facebook Users Are Just Plain Clueless


Facebook has become the main source for not minding your own business, but it’s not like we’re actually spying on anyone because people just love to share every detail of their lives like it’s some competition. So I guess it has become our business, huh? It’s funny how some Facebook users complain they have no privacy yet they share every aspect of their lives while adding anyone into that world like it’s no big deal.

My main focus for this blog is not a rant about Facebook itself but it’s users. Let me explain: Every day I see at least one status update or tweet about how much someone dislikes someone else’s updates on Facebook. I think maybe they need a reminder about how Facebook works. Please, allow me!

1. This may come as a shock to you, but you don’t have to add every person you know on Facebook. Numerous times I’ve heard people complain about a certain person and about all of the bullshit so and so posts and it really aggravates me. Why are you adding these people if you hate their guts? Just click “deny.” Also, why are these people friending people they can’t stand and who they know will only belittle them after they update something? This site has turned into a hate machine! Then there’s the complaints about group posts and their annoying notifications. Seriously?! Did someone hold a knife to your throat and threaten you to join said group? Probably not. YOU joined the group and YOU have the power to leave said group. You’re the annoying dipshit for complaining about it everywhere else online. I also don’t understand how someone can know over 700 people. It’s mind-boggling to me. I can understand if it’s a band member adding fans, which is kind of sweet, but I can’t see a use for 700 people on anyone else’s account. Here’s a tasty fact about me which will probably have you all rolling your eyes: I only have 30 people on my Facebook account. Why so little? “Like, do you not have any friends, Tina? That’s so sad.” Why yes I do..and those are the ones I choose to be a part of my life. I get friend requests from people I don’t care for but I always deny them because there are certain people I don’t want to associate with anymore. It’s a toxic web and it’s best to not get caught up in it. I like the fact that we have the power to choose. I can count my true friends on one hand, and honestly, I’d like to keep it that way. Having 700 friends does not make you “social” or “popular.” It just makes you lonely and if you can’t understand why, then you’re missing the whole point of this rant. Some say that ignoring friend requests makes you look like an asshole but you already are sounding like one if you add people just for the sake of talking shit behind their backs after they post something that you don’t like. If you’re not as ballsy and you don’t want to hit that tempting “deny” button, there’s always the option of hiding those you do not wish to see updates from. Try it! It’ll make your news feed feel sparkly and fresh.

2. Speaking of options, believe it or not, Facebook is full of them!! Some…no, most, make me roll my eyes though. Like the “Close Friends” list. Again, read number one above. I asked a few people what they thought about all of those lists and settings. One person said they don’t like to share who they really are with certain people for fear of being judged. Well, welcome to life! Like I’ve mentioned above, don’t add anyone on Facebook if you feel like they are toxic. I told said person to delete whomever was making them feel that way and post their heart out without any filters. If you can’t be your absolute best self with your REAL friends, then who can you be true with? Oh and by the way, said person took my advice and is a lot less insecure about their Facebook updates! πŸ™‚

3. Making mistakes is a big part of life, and growing up. I admit I wasn’t in a good place up until about three years ago, and my past Facebook status updates were proof of that. I decided to do a major cleanup one day and it felt like starting over. Now, I rarely post anything on Facebook except the occasional Buzznet article I’m promoting. Nowadays, all of our mistakes are on display. I think the term “the writing’s on the wall” fits perfectly for the point I’m trying to convey. Sometimes if you’re not in such a great place, it’s best to not let others be able to comment on such things, because if you’re not strong enough, that will kill you inside altogether. Having your feelings out on display for everyone to scrutinize isn’t the best way to go about dealing with your issues. Use a journal or find a blogging site where you can post privately so you can get all of your feelings out there without the pressure of everyone’s harsh opinions of you. I’ve learned the hard way that everybody hurts sometimes but not everybody wants to help you. As a matter of fact, delete those heartless snobs who berate you while you’re knocked down as well! Choose very wisely what you post. But then again, if you only add the people who you know will support you no matter what, choosing what you post shouldn’t matter! πŸ˜‰

4. Choosing what you post brings me to my next point: opinions. Ahhh this is such a sore subject for me but such an eye-opening one as well. Back when I first joined Facebook, I, like most users, added people freely. I also spoke freely as well. Not to blow off steam but to start a conversation with like-minded individuals (and some not) who wanted to discuss things just because. Turns out not everybody likes when you don’t agree with them. They do a 360 and turn evil all of a sudden and make you feel like such a horrible person for having a different point of view on things. Delete these people. Why? Because anyone who can’t respect your opinion in this growing world we live in is not worthy of your time or friendship. Real friends don’t jump down your throat the second you don’t agree with them. Having a discussion in a civilized manner shows class. It’s fine to have a debate once in a while but make sure it’s done in a healthy way.

5. Let’s talk about bragging, shall we? I’m a bit torn on this one. I know how annoying it is to hear someone brag about a new job or something but on the other hand, if we truly love the people we add on Facebook, we should be genuinely happy for them, right? I’ll leave this one up for debate…civilly, please! πŸ˜‰

6. You know those times when you post something meaningful and you get no acknowledgement whatsoever then someone else posts this stupid status update about how drunk they’re going to get or some slutty selfie and it gets a ton of likes and comments? I like to call that the Cricket Interlude. Yeah. Sad world we’re living in.

7. Occasionally I’ll notice a friend doing a clean sweep of their friends list. Some announce it, some don’t. With every announcement comes the “don’t take it personally” speech that we all know everyone takes personally. What gets me is that why are we not taking it personally when we are only worth a Facebook message to someone? I’ve grown so tired of all of this social networking nonsense. I want to connect with people, in person and on a personal level. It’s sad how in real life someone can ignore you completely but they’re all friendly with you when they are behind a screen.

8. The dreaded game invites will be the death of most Facebook users. I’ll admit I was somewhat addicted to Farmville a few years ago. I thought it was adorable but now not so much. I used to get so many game invitations until I realized that there is an option to block all game invites. DO IT and stop complaining.

9. This one I’ve experienced numerous times and it always baffles me. Why do people bust your chops to add you on Facebook and once you do, they never talk to you? Oh wait! I hear an alarm going off! What’s it saying….? “POPULARITY CONTEST!” Oh right. That. Yeah. Honestly, don’t bother.

10. In my book, this is the number one form of stupidity, but maybe I should of been born in the 1920s. The inability of this generation to interact in person is maddening and its getting worse by the day. Again, I’ll just leave this one up for discussion.

So folks, it’s really all that simple. A click of a button can change things dramatically and for the better. Facebook, and just about every other social networking site, has options. You decide what the world gets to see. You decide what you get to see. If we all took the initiative, maybe Facebook wouldn’t be the hate machine it currently is. Be courageous and take control of what you want your Facebook atmosphere to be like. It will benefit you in the long run. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “That Little Social Scene Is Just A Hate Machine: 10 Ways Facebook Users Are Just Plain Clueless

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I occasionally do spring cleaning on my Facebook profile just to make sure I don’t have anyone whom I no longer interact with on my friend list. Recently I deleted and blocked one of my Uni mates and I think it’s the best decision. I struggled with my decision because I may be seeing her again in the future but then it’s my account so I get the final say [; She needs to stay out of my life till forever.
    Games invitation doesn’t bug me though. The only thing I can’t stand is people liking their own status updates. Like, are you kidding me? Is that even necessary?


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