I started thinking about the word “trust” today and how it’s so hard for me to trust people; even the ones I should put my trust in.

Is anybody loyal anymore? I’ve found that the times I’ve put my trust in someone, they always let me down. It’s like people are only out for themselves – whatever is convenient for them works best for them. I’ve seen it in my family and my friends in the past. I find it hard to rely on anyone these days. Promises get broken more than anything and I’m left to pick up the pieces by myself.

While I’ve been dealing with broken promises my whole life, it’s taught me how to be quick on the mend. It’s become routine by now so it’s like second nature: pick yourself up and only trust in yourself. But the one thing I’m hoping for one day, I find hard to trust in. The one thing I should be putting my trust in but instead, I’m guarding my heart so if I get hurt in the end, it won’t be so bad. How do you put your trust in something when you’re not so sure how it all works? Faith..I guess.

I guess every broken promise is a lesson learned. I just wish those broken promises didn’t come from someone I’m related to.



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