Lost The Battle, Win The War


Every now and then I feel like I’m at war with something. With what? I’m not so sure. The world, maybe? I guess everybody feels this way. We’re all aiming for that goal. Some are different than others, but we’re all aiming for something – whether it be our desired destination or just simply to find a starting point to a journey somewhere. Some days it feels like it gets easier and I’m on top of the world; other days it just feels like it gets harder to walk on my own two feet without a ball and chain holding me back, no matter how much I fight to kick it loose; there’s always a burden. Such is life.

Though life has me clinging on to some salvation lately, I’m finding that things eventually do work out. It’s a lot easier with God on my side. I’m slowly learning how to trust in Him – something I’ve struggled with for a long time – and I’m finding out that the signs that are thrown my way aren’t just coincidences. As far as I know, I’m on the right path. You can’t build an empire in a day, neither can you build a life. It takes time, practice, millions of mistakes, blood, sweat, tears and most of all, patience. If there’s a future, I know that I can’t have it now…but I’m on my way. I may be losing all of these little battles but after all, isn’t it more important to win the war?

There’s a time and a place to die, but this ain’t it.


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