Effortless, The Pictures They Paint

I don’t think I’ve ever been normal in my life.  That goes for all aspects of what you would consider, or society considers, to be “normal.”  What does normal even mean, anyway?  Come to think of it, is anybody normal?

The word “normal,” at least to me, means sticking to the status quo; following the usual path in life and acting like everyone else.  I’ve never been so lucky…or am I?  Things just never came that easily to me.  While most people my age were graduating high school and going off to college, I was stuck in a rut wondering why I was put on this Earth and asking myself why I couldn’t just be happy and get on with my life like everyone else.  There were definitely times when I’ve tried to be “normal” but honestly, and not to sound like some stuck-up “I’m better than everyone” hipster, it never felt genuine.  Things that are supposed to be easy for everyone else feel like an obstacle for me.  Maybe a lot of you feel this way too, and it’s a lot more common than we think.

We all have our quirks and flaws and anyone who says they don’t are lying.  While most people try to blend in, I can’t help but stand out.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been to my advantage either.  So many people are being picked on (all ages) for not being what society calls “normal.”  Imagine a world without the outsiders who grow up to be creative enthusiasts?  What kind of place would we live in if we had no art, writing or music to inspire us?  I’m not even sure where I’m going with this but all I know is that “normal” is overrated and what this world needs is to be shaken up a little by something.  I’d also like to see an increase of employment for people like me who could never afford college.  Just because we didn’t go the “normal” route and get some piece of paper that says we spent four years at a university doesn’t mean that we aren’t just as skilled and hardworking.  A lot of us are more ambitious than your average college grad and we CAN do the job…maybe even better.

Normal isn’t change. Normal is not progress. Normal is life standing still.


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