I’m Down, But I’m Not Out

These past few weeks have been insanely difficult.  I’ve said things I didn’t really mean out of utter frustration; some I’ve even regretted.  Looking back on last week’s events, I’ve realized something, and it makes me appreciate breakdowns on a whole other level.

I may be facing adversity right now, but imagine if I wasn’t.  Life would be pretty mundane.  I can’t say that my life isn’t interesting.  If anything, all of these things that society views as “personal setbacks” are, at least to me, something to fight for.  I may not have some of the privileges that everyone else has, but I have heart and most importantly, a brain!  They don’t teach you common sense in college!  All of this only shows me that I have something many others may not have and that’s a plus.

Last week’s emotional roller coaster didn’t bring me back to the starting line; it left me in the middle with halfway to go.  I’m determined to show people and prove to myself that I can do this.  Don’t think so?  Watch me! 😉


“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie


One thought on “I’m Down, But I’m Not Out

  1. You’re a very mature person and you can always find positivity out of adversity.
    It’s true that life would be boring if there’s no low-points at all. My life has been interesting so far – not that it’s exciting but I’ll have something to remember when I’m 80.
    You have more than a heart and a brain – you have a mind and a soul. You have a vision that you’re working towards it and with your genuine passion I know you’ll achieve great things in life.


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