When Music Is All We Have


As I was strolling by the park near my house today on my morning walk, I came across this guy (whom I assume might be homeless) sitting on a bench with headphones on, blissfully listening to music. He seemed to be in good spirits, dancing along to whatever he was listening to with a giant smile on his face. I thought to myself, “how brave.” I’m not sure what that man’s story was, (or how he got those headphones, lol) but in that moment, I was reminded of how powerful music is; it unites us. He probably went through a lot of hardships in his lifetime. Maybe he lost his job and his home, but there he was, in spite of it all, enjoying the day with good music in his ears. Maybe the music takes him away. Like I always say, music on, world off.

Although that man and I probably have our differences with how life treats us, we do have one thing in common: music. At one point, music was all I had. Maybe it’s all he has right now. There were times when I wouldn’t get out of bed. I’d just grab my iPod and shut the world off. We all have things in our lives that feel so heavy we don’t know if we’ll ever get through them. Some problems may be bigger than others, but they are still real problems and they have no mercy on our emotional well-being. Some people look to religion (as do I myself) and some people turn to negative forces that send them into a downward spiral. Others rely on music. Whoever said that music was pointless and just a pastime, well, I have some not so nice words for them. Music saves and it’s a driving force into awakening and self-growth.

There are many times when I’ve been in a rough situation and a certain song would come on and make me feel whole again. Imagine a life without those moments? Where would we be without those special songs? I can’t even fathom it!

Here is a playlist of a few songs that have changed my outlook on things. At one point, these words were all I had. Even now, if all I had were these songs, I think I’d be alright. ♥


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