To Feel Or Not To Feel?

ImageDo you ever feel like you are undeserving of an emotion?  It may sound ridiculous, but I am guilty of this on a regular basis and quite frankly, I wish it would stop.  As humans, we are capable of so much yet when we think about how others might feel about our situations, we tend to shy away from what we really feel and want.

In the past, after I’ve shared something with certain people, I often used to hear that I wasn’t “allowed” to feel a certain way because I had this, this and this, etc.  Sure, I may sound selfish at times; we all do.  Sure, some of my “problems” at the time may not have been so problematic as what we are facing in this world today, but does that give someone the right to tell you that you don’t deserve to feel hurt?  In turn, hearing those harsh judgements tends to leave us feeling ashamed and flat out stupid; stupid, for sharing our emotions with people we once trusted for one, and two, for ever thinking we had the right to feel a certain way about anything.  Should we be listening to these people, (all judgements aside, some of them are only trying to help us see what we truly have) or should we just go on living our lives like the “ignorant assholes” we supposedly are and continue being sensitive to how we feel?  It’s kind of a double-edged sword if you ask me.

At the end of the day, we need to realize that feelings are exactly what they are: feelings.  Some may be tiny while others can spend a whole lifetime wallowing in regret and sorrow.  We need to pinpoint our problems head on and try to figure out what is holding us back from becoming the person we want to be.  If something hurts you, you have every right to feel hurt!  Take as long as you need to sort out those bad feelings.  All people deal with things differently.  Don’t try to ignore something that’s been eating away at you just because someone else told you that you “should be over it already.”

Everyone has bad days no matter who they are but it’s also good to remember that we have great days too.  Try to never let a bad day follow into the next.  Also, be careful who you turn to.  Some don’t have such a high sensitivity threshold as others.



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