Life Is Like The Weather

I can’t believe it is August already!  The weather in New York City has been perfect for the past week!  After over a week of blistering temperatures, we are finally getting some unexpected relief.  It got me thinking, though, about how life is like the weather. 

Some days are absolutely unbearable.  It seems like there is no relief and that things will continue to get worse before they ever get better.  Then, unexpectedly, things can change.  Suddenly, what once seemed so impossible is now happening before your very eyes.  That brings me hope that maybe one day everything will make sense.  After all, the unexpected pleasures in life are always worth waiting for.


4 thoughts on “Life Is Like The Weather

  1. Life is always full of surprises [: My past experiences are starting to make more sense to me now. But I’m also aware that probably a few years later I’ll be confused and lost again – and I’ll try to re-make sense of my experiences. I guess it’s a cycle.


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