LinkedIn vs. Facebook: Why Such Pettiness?

ImageI’m pretty new to the whole LinkedIn thing. I only just recently signed up in hopes of finding a job and to show off some of my skills since it seems like it’s crucial to even have a LinkedIn account nowadays. What I don’t understand is people’s aversion to add you as a connection.

We hear so many stories about how someone from work sent so-and-so a friend request on Facebook and how annoying that is. Turns out, most people add those co-workers on Facebook despite hating their guts but when it comes to LinkedIn, where it’s encouraged to add colleagues, it’s somehow considered to be taboo. What the ****?! I will never understand people and the screwed up society we live in.

So tell me, LinkedIn users: why is it so horrible to add someone as a connection, who might even help further your career? Why must you add these people to Facebook where they can see everything about your personal life but ban them from LinkedIn? It. Does. Not. Make. Any. Damn. Sense. To. Me.

Enlighten me, please.


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