“I’m Sorry, But We’re All Out”

bad-serviceYou would not believe the amount of times that I have been told “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any more of those” by a member of staff at either a restaurant or a retail establishment. Just recently, I visited the Starbucks located in my local Target and ordered my favorite- a tall Double Chocolatey Chip. The barista told me that they didn’t have any more chocolate chips so they couldn’t make it. If that were me, I’d go buy chocolate chips in Target instead of losing a customer. I went back two weeks later and they were STILL out of chocolate chips. That, my friends, is poor management, which seems to be the case for most places nowadays.

Everyone thinks New York City has everything, but after living here for the past 18 years, I can honestly say that notion is anything but the truth. But don’t blame the city, blame it’s occupants. People simply just don’t care about their jobs anymore and it shows…terribly. A friend of mine visited from Wisconsin a couple of months ago and noticed it too, so it’s not just me. People live like Honey Badger in this city. Don’t care, don’t give a shit.

A few years ago I was visiting my hometown of Orlando, FL with my mom. We ordered a pizza at Olive Garden. A member of the staff came over to us and told us that the pizza didn’t come out the way they would have preferred so they were going to make us another one. I was shocked! I never expected them to be so kind, courteous and dedicated. THAT, my friends, is how you handle a business! I guarantee that if that happened in New York, they’d flop the low standard pizza on the table without a word. I’ve seen it millions of times before that I almost always expect it. I don’t know why I’m still surprised whenever customer service rubs me the wrong way.

For once, I’d like to go to a store and be satisfied. I’d like to see the shelves fully stocked and clean. I’d like to not get a half-assed answer from a store employee when I politely ask if they have any more of the items I am looking for. We all know you have a stockroom. 😉

Companies: Stop hiring lazy people. There are millions of unemployed people out there who would kill for a job and you better believe they’d do a hell out a lot better than who you’re hiring now.

Customers: Don’t be afraid to speak up when you know you’re being treated unfairly. Just don’t dial 911. That’s just…oh, I don’t know…STUPID.

If everyone delivered service with a smile, this city would be a much better place. We understand you are tired. We all are. Smiles are free. Remember that.


7 thoughts on ““I’m Sorry, But We’re All Out”

  1. I know right? People nowadays don’t seem to give a shit at all. Which is sad. I just hope that I don’t turn into one. I’m now living in a larger city and most likely will be staying for a few more years. I need to remind myself of all the wonderful people I met to keep myself grounded (:


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