NYC: When Did Kindness Become Extinct?

ImageToday was brutal. I have to go to a christening in a few weeks so I’ve been looking for something to wear. I think I must have hit every store in the city today. Why so brutal? Because people in this city are horrifically unkind. OK I admit, not everybody is a nasty SOB but the people I came into contact with today just made me worry. What is our future going to be like if people like that are running the country? From store employees to just random people on the street, everyone seemed to be in your face and/or disinterested. Sometimes I tell myself that maybe they’re going through a rough time. I can relate to that. But as gloomy as I may feel, if a stranger asks me for the time or directions, or even if I’m just ordering at a Starbucks, I can’t fathom ever being nasty intentionally. As I was leaving a store today, this little girl held the door for everyone before she walked in. She warmed my heart. Then I hear her mother say to her “don’t bother! They can hold their own f***ing door.” Maybe she should take some notes from her daughter. I usually say that people like her shouldn’t reproduce but I think she’s missing out on what a true gem her daughter is. I wish that girl the best. It must suck living with a mother like that.

Living in New York City, you see things you wish you never saw. You tend to grow up quickly and it makes you tough. As tough as I am after living here for 18 years, I’m still amazed at all of the disgraceful behavior of some people. According to a poll conducted by Business Insider, Americans think that New Yorkers are the rudest people in the country. I agree although it is to some extent…maybe by 2%. I like the fact that we’re honest and we tell it like it is, but when it comes to common courtesy and manners, I’m ashamed to call myself a New Yorker. I’m tired of being pushed around because I’m not as brash as everyone else. I’m not one to push someone out of the way to get a seat on the bus or subway and I’m not about to start.Image

Attitudes are a major problem in this city. Sadly, I’m no stranger to them. It’s a sick cycle. One person can literally push me out of the way to get to the train and then I’m just standing there like “are you f***ing serious?” I’m still trying to master the art of not caring about minor things like that. It’s a tough act and I’m not sure I can fully commit but I’m getting there…slowly. It just gets to the point where you have to stop and say “where are you rushing to?” Instead of pushing and rushing, stop for a minute and take in this moment. Be a tourist. Step to the side and look up. Look at the sky and the buildings that bring us closer to the clouds. I always say that if you’re feeling homesick and disoriented in a big city, all you have to do is look up at the sky and it’s just like being home. It’s like no one appreciates this city the way it should be appreciated. We don’t take care of it like we should.

One thing is for certain: after spending all day being pushed around and ignored, I appreciate my life so much more than I did when I left my house this morning. Shitty people really make me grateful for the wonderful people that I have in my life and they make me pity them for being so typically New York. Change it up a bit. Make someone smile without expecting anything in return. Make them do a double-take and go “wow! You’re so kind!” Maybe this city would be better perceived if kindness was received. 😉


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