Career vs. Love


As women, we are constantly told to start a career first before finding love. It’s been drilled into our heads since we started having crushes in school. It’s a great thing to teach girls at an early age, but sometimes, life doesn’t wait until you have it all.

I was thinking about a friend of mine and how she met her boyfriend. She was 23, just out of college and undecided about which path to take in life. She has been with her boyfriend since her freshman year and they are wonderful together. He’s just starting his career while she’s figuring out her next step. She often says how inadequate she feels next to him, but he always reassures her that while she may not have part of her destiny figured out yet, the other half is in his arms. He supports her throughout every trial and is there to help pick her up when she falls short. He truly loves her and I can’t think of any man in this world more worthy than him.

I used to think I had that once…but I didn’t. What I thought was real was indeed a lie. I supported someone through the most horrid of storms but when it was my turn to brave the rough seas, I was left alone without a life vest. Thankfully, God rescued me just in time.

It’s a very fine line between love and careers. We all want someone to be there through it all. We want that person to be our cheerleader throughout our lives, telling us we can achieve the impossible. We want that person to look back on the rocky days and say “Yeah, I went through it with them. I was there for it all and now look at them!”

What is so wrong with that? What is wrong with finding someone earlier in life than you were told to find someone? You can’t cheat or rush fate. A career is nice but you can’t cuddle up to it at night but then again, as Lady Gaga once said: “Your career won’t wake up one morning and tell you it doesn’t love you.” It’s a tricky situation but it all boils down to one thing: the right person.

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2 thoughts on “Career vs. Love

  1. Hey great post by the way. I get why girls should get a career 1st, its most likely to be independent. Because relationship don’t always last and career is something that’s yours weather you in a relationship or not. Its ok to date if you don’t have a career but when things get serious and the relationship moves forward. You can’t get to do the things you want like when you was single. Cause your relationship would consume most of your time. Anyways that’s just my opinion or what I think so don’t take it to heart. Gotta also say you write well mean awesome.


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