America, The Morally Bankrupt

ImageIt’s been one week since Miley Cyrus made headlines after her scandalous MTV Video Music Awards performance. It took me a while to process the feedback so forgive me for posting on a rather “old” topic.

As I was watching Miley’s performance, I knew it was going to make history. I wasn’t surprised at her behavior at all. In my opinion, it was distasteful but I often feel that way about a lot of performers in pop culture. Also, what about Robin Thicke? Does he have no responsibility in this? Does he not have the common sense that what he let happen on that stage was uncalled for?

I pride myself on having morals in the kind of oversexualized culture we live in today, so I understand my point of view and the reasons why I have my opinions. It’s almost expected every time I deal with anything that has to do with MTV or my generation. What I honestly don’t understand is how America forms theirs.

Our society is filled with the morally bankrupt. People lie, cheat, steal, kill, curse one another, hate, judge, sleep around with whomever and glorify the trash of today’s youth. People sleep with other people and hurt their loved ones in the process. This is not news. From my standpoint, it’s almost encouraged and sometimes even expected. When the unfortunate few refuse to engage in this type of behavior, we are labeled as “prudes,” among other things. We are not trying to make others feel inferior when we follow our moral compass, but if you feel that way, maybe it’s time to re-think your actions and more importantly, your values. I feel happier when I follow my heart rather than the crowd. It makes me feel independent and in control of my own life and future.

I tend to see things differently, which sometimes leads me to uncover things I wish I hadn’t and what others seem to overlook. I am constantly pointed at as the wrong one each and every time somebody asks me my opinion on a topic concerning society, which often leads me to think I was either born in the wrong decade or in an alternate universe. That’s fine. They’re entitled to their own opinions as well. Let them point the finger. Next time, I’ll point them to the mirror. My inner Daria comes out at these times.

This country is constantly engaging in “sinful” behavior so why are we deeming Miley Cyrus the antichrist? How are Americans forming these opinions? Are they just going along with how everyone else feels? Get a backbone, America! How many people out there have criticized Miley’s performance but have done things way worse? I think it’s safe to say, a lot! Practice what you preach.

It seems to me that people tend to contradict themselves on so many levels. For example: you can’t start an argument about someone smoking weed if you sell the stuff or if you are a drug user yourself, so don’t condemn a 20 year old girl for making a fool out of herself on national television when your Facebook pictures are all of you with your tongue hanging out, grinding on some person you just met. It’s almost the same as if Miley decided to diss Rihanna on one of her trashy performances. We’d call her a hypocrite, wouldn’t we? Well America, it looks as if you’re the biggest one.

As for Miley, I wish nothing but the best for her. Once she finds herself, she will be unstoppable and maybe, hopefully, she’ll cringe at this period of her life. The thing about Cyrus is that she stands by her actions. She doesn’t shame others for doing what she does and she doesn’t contradict herself. Sure, she may be trying a bit too hard to shed her Hannah Montana image in a way I do not respect, but I can say that I do like the fact that she practices what she preaches. In no way do I respect her for her despicable actions, but at least she’s not shaming others for doing what she does.

Hey America, how does it feel to have a 20 year-old girl one-up you?


2 thoughts on “America, The Morally Bankrupt

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