25: Amazing, Because It Is

tumblr_msvd1xJvvx1qz4d4bo1_500A couple of days ago, I was in a pretty bad place. Things seemed to be getting harder and I started to question whether I misinterpreted a few things. I never used to believe much in God, but a few years ago, that all changed. Now, whenever I’m on the verge of a breakdown, I turn to Christ.

Today I started to think about all of the things I feel like I screwed up in my life. After rehashing everything, I realized that everything I did in the past got me to this point. Even though I feel like I’m not where I should be, I’m not going to let that scare me or hold me back anymore. If I told society what I have right now, they’d say I have nothing. When I ask God what I have, He says I have everything and quite frankly, His opinion is the only one I value from now on. It’s good to know that I’m not walking this path alone. I am truly blessed. I want no part in what others have. I want what I want, not what others tell me I should want and/or have.

As I discovered all of these blessings in my life, I also felt like a prayer was answered. That thing that I thought I may have misread? Well, I’m on the right path. It won’t be easy. It never was. But the events that have taken place over this past week are going to be a beautiful blessing sometime soon. I kind of knew it all along, but I still felt scared. In fact, I almost kind of saw it coming. It’s amazing, but whenever one of my prayers gets answered, my anxiety fades away until all I feel is a peaceful calm. To that, all I can say is thank You. Maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight.

25 is going to be a good one. I may not have felt it 24 hours ago, but now I do. That answered prayer was the only birthday present I could ever ask for.

I’m sorry for being cryptic but some things are better left as a mystery. If it ever does play out, you’ll definitely hear about it, though! I can’t keep something that miraculous to myself.  😉


5 thoughts on “25: Amazing, Because It Is

  1. I always thought I could write the book on what NOT to do! I now consider it failing forward! There’s an “anti” motivational poster I just love that’s so befitting to me that cracks me up. It goes something like this, “Perhaps the purpose of your life is to be a warning to others!” Well, being a mom, I do share the warnings!! LOL! 🙂


  2. Thought that I can share my experience with you. Lately I’ve moved to a new town and I’m working at a new place. Many times I feel like I’m just there consuming their resources and not contributing. I wonder if I made the right decision to leave my hometown. On that day when I just feel extremely useless I saw what pops out on my Twitter homepage – progress might be slow, but even God never hurries a child who is heading in the right direction. I hope that things will fall into place for you – like how it has in my life at the moment. No worries about feeling obligated to share (; Some things are meant only for you and whoever that’s watching over you to know.


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