Let It Unfold

ImageIn the beginning, it was hard for me to trust, but now that I’m getting the hang of it, I’m seeing how wonderful it can be. My mind eats away at my positivity. I often assume that if I’m thinking it myself, then it has to be true, but that’s really not the case, thankfully.

A few days ago something changed and it scared me. I thought, “What now? How will this ever work?” I made myself worry over nothing. After putting my trust in God, I am seeing that it’s all going to be okay. This is what needs to happen in order for better things to unfold.

Faith is believing that this is not the end of the road for this dream, it’s only the beginning of a more exciting and fulfilling journey. Trusting God is knowing that this is not goodbye. Some things are placed in your life for a reason. You can either choose to ignore it or you can follow the signs until you reach that one moment that makes you happy that you never gave up.

I’m excited to see what’s up the road ahead. I hope you’re there to greet me.


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