Twentysomethings in 2013

Hello lovelies!

I was asked to write a piece on life as a twentysomething and my career prospects for a blog called Twentysomethings!

You can check it out here and please feel free to share, like and comment! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Twentysomethings in 2013

  1. You go girl!! You are so good with putting your thoughts in words! I hope someone out there can see your worth and hire you.
    Please don’t be discourage for not having going to college and getting a degree. Many of us who went to college just chose a more common pathway in life. No one should be belittled because of the choices they made. It’s like just because I attended college it doesn’t mean I know nothing about life and I’m adhering to the status quo. Same goes for you – college is just a stepping stone. You have Buzznet and WordPress and other channels which you could learn from and build up whatever skills you need to make your dreams come true. They do make a great informal learning platform (;


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