I Will Wait For You

Today’s Daily Prompt: When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WAITING.

ImageI feel like the majority of my life is spent on waiting, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  Patience is a virtue, and I think I have mastered the art of waiting.  See, when you want something bad enough, patience is the only option you have.  In fact, I think that notion applies to most things in life, but for love especially.  I used to view time as the enemy, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that time is my friend.  She’s kind, helping me heal while showing me things along the way that I need to realize before I make any hasty decisions.

When you are giddy with excitement, time has a way of slowing down to the point where you feel as if your heart will explode out of your chest, yet at the same time it somehow feels like time is speeding up and you’re left trying to figure out how to savor the moment before it’s gone.  Having all of those crazy emotions reassures me that I am alive and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“…and the end comes too soon, like dreaming of angels and leaving without them.”

Anticipation keeps me on my toes.  It turns a world that was once so dark with impossibilities into a world with so much light and possibility.  Stars dance and collide into that perfect miracle.  Never stop believing.


10 thoughts on “I Will Wait For You

  1. I don’t know if time is my best friend. I’m still at the point where I’m like “Omg I can’t believe I’m 23 years old”. I just might go through a quarter-life crisis much earlier than my peers because I overthink things and I don’t want to think that I didn’t learn anything from life after existing for 23 years.
    I agree that when you want something bad enough you’d have the patience to wait. It’s called perseverance I guess (:


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