The “Half-Assed” Response


People really don’t listen. What has their minds occupied other than what they should be focusing on? I find that while asking questions about jobs, I often get a lazy, “half-assed” response from 95% of who I ask. Is this information top secret or something? You’d think I was trying to contact President Obama to ask him government secrets.

ImageIgnore the misspelled “you’re…”

Example A: I recently inquired about a music writing job. After searching for a while, I couldn’t find any information on the company’s career page, so I decided to ask. What did I have to lose? Oh yeah, my patience. I did not ask because I was lazy and didn’t want to look for myself. This is the response I got. Maybe it was automated? In this case, I hope it was otherwise they have a horrible way of treating people.


Hmm. I seem to know HOW to apply. That was not, by any means, my question. There are many ways this could have been handled, but instead, someone was lazy. If that were me, I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t meet up to company standards. This is what I mean about the job market these days! Please like this are hired all while making their employers look bad, while people like me are rolling around in dirt wondering what the hell is wrong with me that no one will hire me. Life, man.

I’m going to have gray hair by the time I’m 30.


8 thoughts on “The “Half-Assed” Response

  1. I’d say the response you got was standard. It was their way of saying, “It’s all on the website if you know where to look.” Some people/places don’t want to repeat themselves to thousands of applicants. So, they are paid to post FAQs and the like for people to seek out and read. Maybe you missed something. In the professional/work world, a personal touch is rare and precious.


      1. That’s probably why the “douches” just push a button to send it off, not putting any thought into it:P “Fire missile one!” “She’s still asking, sir.” “Well, then fire missile two! Send her to the FAQ!” “She’s being persistent, sir.” “Sink the b$tch! Fire the spam!”


      2. You keep telling yourself that:P

        I keep referring to “Bruce Almighty” and how Jim (Bruce) had to finally send “Yes” to all the prayer senders just to clear his mailbox:P After so many repeated questions, no Juan Valdez coffee or energy drink can keep you going.

        But, your email is very important to us…very important to us:P


  2. Exactly what I sometimes experience at my workplace.
    Whenever I don’t ask, people will encourage me to ask questions.
    And when I ask, people will be telling me to look things up myself.

    I’m sorry that you experience such a bad treatment. That’s like an automatic reply generated by a computer rather than written by a human.
    Maybe you can reply to them suggesting them to update their website.


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