It’s 10PM: Do You Know Where Your Headphones Are?

ImageLast night started out like any other night. I was curled up in bed reading, trying to lull myself to sleep after a long week of not sleeping well. Everything was quiet and peaceful….until I heard the familiar sound of our hipster neighbors next door blasting their music full volume. During the day, I would not have a problem with this. I like my music loud too, but I’m aware of my neighbors and my mother’s 88 year-old aunt downstairs so I try to keep it at a reasonable volume. I have no idea what they were playing, but the bass was practically shaking the walls and the constant thumping sound was aggravating. I thought Armin van Buuren was going to come crashing through my walls. (Actually, I wouldn’t mind that. I’m not entirely sure what kind of music was being played and I’m pretty sure hipsters don’t listen to trance. It was just really loud and annoying). I think living around all of these hipsters has turned me into a bat crazy 70 year old. There is a time and a place for everything, and disturbing your neighbors at a time when people are settling in for the night is not the time to play your obscure music at full volume! Our neighbors live like Honey Badger: don’t care, don’t give a shit.

I realize that living in New York comes with a constant stream of noise. I’m used to it. In fact, I can’t sleep if its deafeningly quiet – but having someone blast their music at a time when it should be turned off is just flat out disrespectful and it makes me despise my generation even more for having the mentality that they can do whatever the hell they want whenever they want.

In New York City, 10PM is considered “quiet time” in all five boroughs; 11PM on weekends. It’s like nap time for pre-schoolers! It’s like you have to teach adults how to act because they certainly have no concept of respect or common sense whatsoever. Apartments are close together, most times wall-to-wall. Whatever loud noises are coming out of your apartment, be aware that just about everyone on the block can hear you. There’s a bunch of hipsters that live across the yard and they’re always throwing loud parties. They don’t start the music until 11PM. Seriously?

What baffles me is that people have no remorse. I’d feel like the biggest asshole if I started blasting my music at 10PM. If you want to listen to music, fine, I have nothing against that. I live for music! But leave it at a normal volume or wear headphones. Why is it so hard for people to be respectful? It saddens me.

At the end of the day, (or in this case, first thing in the morning) two can play this game. Maybe I’ll put on some Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen to rouse said hipsters out of their drunken stupor. How about a little “Call Me Maybe” at 6AM? Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but it’s 10PM bro! So lower it, maybe?  😉


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