Silent Yet Deadly: The Three Words We Are So Afraid To Say

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things we say, or don’t say, to each other. After listening to various old songs, I started to realize that back in the 1920s – 1950s, or maybe even earlier, people said “I love you” all of the time. They said it because they meant it, even with only knowing the person for a short amount of time. Back in those days, love was truly felt. Now, it’s like people are so afraid to say these things, women especially, for fear of being vulnerable and/or mocked for it. Vulnerability has become taboo in our modern culture. The art of feeling anything uncomfortable has become reason enough to numb ourselves with pills and alcohol. When did we become so cold to the point where telling someone you love them is frowned upon? Now, it’s as if those three simple, yet deadly, words have gained so much weight. They silence us. They leave us in fear that if we so much as utter them, we’ll be abandoned………..and it is disgusting.

I understand that most times, it’s not always black and white. Sometimes, we grow to love someone over time. The important part is that we say it. I feel that nowadays, when someone holds back their feelings of love for someone, they’re worried about what that other person may think of them. I’ve noticed that anytime a woman is honest about her feelings with a man and says “I love you,” we are automatically called “crazy.” After getting that reaction, we must be crazy for loving someone as opposed to love as them. So why do we bother loving such jerks? You can’t help who you love, or in my case, once thought you loved. Sometimes, it’s not real love. Maybe I just cared for this particular person a whole lot and I confused it for love. Heaven knows I would have done anything for that boy at the time. Maybe when they grow older and have become so callous, they’ll start to question why they would have turned down an opportunity to be loved. To love and to be loved is a rare find. When everyone else was treating him like shit, I was the one who stood up for him. He pushed me away. I moved on. But I still wonder if he’s okay.

After experiencing such a harsh reaction, we tend to over think our next relationships. We ask ourselves questions like “Do I really love this person?” “Is what I’m feeling real or just something I’ve concocted in my head?” It’s a harsh realization and I think it’s the culprit of why we hold back so much. I want it to stop. I want people to believe again. I want this world to stop being so careless to other people’s feelings. Being forward may make us the laughing stock of the world, but not only do we get to see people’s true colors, but we also learn about what is real and what isn’t. People who aren’t afraid to take a bold risk are inspiring to me. Actually, telling someone you love them shouldn’t be a risk at all. We may be putting our hearts out on the line with too many bozos, but in the end, the one person who doesn’t view us as a “crazy bitch,” is the one worth waiting for. Chances are, he’ll be the one to say it first, like a real gentlemen should.


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