2 A.M.

This floor is cold
My tears are hot
My heart is jaded
My hopes are not
This room is dark
My fears run wild
I don’t want to hear the word “bride”
Anxiety roars
Heart skips a beat
Please don’t sail this world without me
In a dream you came
Universe was swayed
God showed me your name
Now I’ll never be the same
Please don’t rush,
but please don’t wait
Kiss me once
Let’s see if I should stay
Take my hand and pull me close
You’re who I’ve prayed for the most
“What if?” is taunting
“What if?” isn’t kind
with so much panic in my mind
Kill this pressure
Stop this pain
Tell me I’m not loving him in vain
Show me it’s not an illusion
Show me the honest truth
Show me how to trust in You
When my hope dwindles
When my faith is shook,
prove to me why I shouldn’t close the book

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