Love For All Seasons

tumblr_mvqnui2uP91qzr04eo1_500I want to experience the seasons with you.

I want to know what winter feels like wrapped in your arms. I want your courage and your strength around me like a shield. I want to carve your name in the snow and know what protection from the storm feels like.

I want to know the comforting bliss of spring by your side. Lovebirds singing as you take my hand and lead me to all of the parts of your soul undiscovered. We can just sit and listen, knowing that what we hear mirrors our emotions in some art form.

I want to know the heat of summer next to you on the sand. You reading my letters, basked in the moonlight while stars dance and align above us.

I want to know what fall feels like in the presence of your smile. I want to be comforted by change as the leaves fall and our love becomes stronger.

I want to know peace as I wake up every morning and see you lying next to me. As I look at what’s laid out before me, I will look upon the sky in wonder and thank God for a lifetime of these special moments when the world is still yet ever-changing, except you and I. I will then have mastered the art of patience.

This time, it won’t be a dream. I’ll be experiencing every season with you.


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