Back To December

*Originally posted on Buzznet here.


I’ve been saying this all week, but I really can’t believe it’s December already…again. I feel like 2013 just started yet I’m somehow drained from a long year, if that makes any sense. Christmas is only 20 days away and I am both excited and kind of sad at the same time. Basically, I am a mess. 😀

I’m excited for Christmas, yet I don’t want it to get here yet because afterwards, I’ll have to face reality again and reality kinda sucks. I enjoy the days leading up to Christmas; the shopping, the decorations, the smell of the holidays looming in the air around the city, and of course the real reason for the season.

With so much joy in the air, I still somehow feel like I don’t deserve to be a part of it because I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to this year. Sure, a lot of pretty great things happened but when I really sit and think about it, I’m right back where I started from and I feel like I’m left with nothing.

So now that I’ve totally killed your holiday buzz, (my apologies) here are 25 of my Christmas favorites for you to enjoy this holiday season along with a few others that tug at my heartstrings around this time of year.  ♥


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