Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014!


Happy New Year! We’ve made it into 2014! How has it been treating you so far? Not bad, huh? I was going through my old journals this afternoon and I came across an entry I wrote one year ago today. I was so determined to make things happen, but I didn’t. Not only was that depressing to read, but it was also quite embarrassing. I’m not sure what stopped me from fighting, or why I got so distracted, but a movement is in order for this year and I intend on actually keeping up with my resolutions.

While writing my 2013 wrap up, a thought popped into my head: Fearless In 2014. I intend on making things happen this year – to push as hard as I can to show people that I am worthy of something. I refuse to let another year pass me by without making any real progress. Project Fearless In 2014 will consist of the many ups and downs of finding a job and just flat out life in general. I tend to let fear run my life and I’m sick of it. Fear needs to pack it’s shit and move out. It’s also about time I had an ongoing segment on here.

While 2013 was the year of change, 2014 will be the year things start to happen which in turn leads to more dramatically good change. I’m also going to start being a lot less cryptic when I talk about love. I have a story that should be heard and I’ve kept it inside for way too long.

Get ready! It’s all happening in 2014!

I want you guys to tell me what you’ll be doing in 2014 that makes you fearless! Use the hashtag #fearlessin2014 on Twitter, e-mail me at and I’ll feature you in a special blog post, or simply just leave a comment. Let’s start a movement!


26 thoughts on “Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014!

  1. That’s such a great idea! Well, my 2013 wasn’t the best in some ways, and i’d like to fix it too. So for me to be #fearlessin2014 I guess I’m going to focuss on things that make me a better person, that’s my first step, haha, xx.


  2. I love this. It’s such a fantastic project. Even though we are not in exactly the same position (I’m still a student) this is something that relates to me – I want to be fearless and do more with my life. So I’d just like to share a few ideas of mine.

    Whilst it is good to set goals, like loose some weight or do more exercise, I don’t really think they help us to grow and develop that much. But I still think they should be used in conjunction with other strategies so don’t overlook goals too much.

    Breaking out of the comfort and becoming fearless is something that needs to be tackled from multiple angles – the small stuff and the big stuff:

    The small stuff would be making simple changes such ordering a latte instead of a cappuccino or going on a different route to work.

    The big stuff will involve setting ourselves challenges now and again to help really push that comfort zone. We have to do something crazy and possibly uncomfortable. It could be an activity such as skydiving or diving or whatever.

    I am going to be doing many challenges this year and the first thing I am going to be doing is learning to be uncomfortable and dealing with it, which is why I will be doing the following challenge:
    I’ll be keeping my underwear in a wedgie for a day and not adjusting it at all.
    I know it sounds really crazy but I think doing this will help me as a person to better deal with the feeling of being uncomfortable and to just deal with it. I know it’s going to feel horrible but I think if I can get through a day with a wedgie then I can do anything.

    Please check out my blog.

    Katie x


  3. Hello!

    Wow, I found your post when I just wrote this big long facebook post on my business page (Willows Lavender) about how this is the year to be fearless. I’m using your picture I hope you don’t mind, I’ll link back to you ~ It will be published this Friday FYI.

    My plans for being fearless already started. Act 1: Start an Indiegogo Campaign to raise much needed funds for my business and go to the Tuscon Gem Show to being taking my business to the next level by selling minerals. (Campaign ends in 2 weeks) Act 2: Publish one of my novels (ones in editing, a second one is almost complete). Act 3: Set up $500/mo passive income.

    Anyways, was just super stoked, and I think this is super awesome, and YAY! You go!

    Any time you feel like you need some extra support to move past the fear and all that sh*t that gets in the way, imagine cheerleaders behind you cheering you on, saying all the things you need to hear in that moment. It’s what I do all the time. Sometimes the cheerleaders are my friends, and sometimes they aren’t. The thing is, their cheering is always drowning out the self-sabotaging patterns. 🙂

    Much Love,
    Many Blessings,


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