Fearless In 2014: Rediscover

All afternoon, I’ve been going through all of my old journal entries from a year ago and I found so many gems. Oddly enough, when I was writing these things down a year ago, I wasn’t very inspired. I was drained but trying desperately to find that spark to ignite a fire. I copied this down from a fitness magazine exactly one year ago today:

Stretch Yourself

As you envision this year, let your imagination, not your fears, guide your aspirations. Even if you stretch yourself to try something new but stumble, when you get up, you will be all the better for it. Making mistakes enhances learning. Don’t fear being wrong – erring and learning may actually be the reason to take a chance.


Point taken…a year later. Better late than never.


Fearless In 2014

Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014

The Satisfaction of Progress

To Brag or Not To Brag?



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