3 Things Having an iPhone For 24 Hours Taught Me

ImageI recently upgraded my phone this week. I had a Blackberry Torch and let’s just say that after three months, I figured out why so many people call them “Crackberrys.” However, after the night I had this past Tuesday dealing with the iPhone 4s, having a “Crackberry” doesn’t seem so bad.

I got the white iPhone 4s as a late Christmas gift. I won’t lie, I had stars in my eyes once I held it, but after learning how much it cost, the guilt I felt was immeasurable. After playing around with it for what felt like hours, I didn’t get that wonderful euphoric feeling you see on the commercials nor did I immediately want to download every app to “make my life easier.” In fact, my life got easier once I put the phone down and decided against it.

Within the past 24 hours, I learned three things:

3. I am indeed a 60 year-old living in a 25 year-old’s body. Not a bad situation if you’re really 60. I don’t care to be glued to my phone 24/7. Sure I enjoy apps like Twitter and Instagram, but my whole life isn’t on some device. I found myself looking stupefied at the iPhone, trying to figure out what to do. I wasn’t eager to figure it out, either. I guess not every twenty something is magically equipped with knowledge on how to “work the light up thingy.”

2. iPhones are overrated! Sure, they lure you in with their sex appeal but, like most men, they fail to deliver exactly what was advertised. After the whole iPhone debacle, I switched over to an Android which was much easier to navigate and customize. Sorry, guys. Not all of you are shit. 😉

1. The most important lesson through all of this: appreciate what you already have. Before the iPhone, people got along just fine. We had VCRs, CD’s (or what my mom’s best friend calls them, L-M-N-O-P’s) and telephones in our homes called a land line. Imagine that! So no, I do not want to watch a movie on a tiny device that hurts my eyes nor do I need to put all of my personal bank information into an app. I am happy with the “ancient” things I call “home” and a much easier smartphone. 😉

No matter what devices you have, remember that they aren’t the center of the universe, despite what society tells you. If there’s an app for smelling the roses, I suggest you stop yourself right now.


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