Fearless In 2014: Fight Stagnancy

142It’s official: I’ve hit that point of feeling stuck. Somehow I knew this would happen, but it’s only January and I’m not giving up.

I tend to get myself into these bad funks where I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m heading. I hate this feeling, but I’m going to fight stagnancy and carry on. I refuse to be stuck. I refuse to be still this year.

We have 344 days left of 2014 and I can assure you that I am going to accomplish things that have been on my agenda for a while now. But I have to push. I have to fight. I have to keep reminding myself that I am worthy, despite what I’ve been told my entire life.


Fearless In 2014

Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014

The Satisfaction of Progress

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24 thoughts on “Fearless In 2014: Fight Stagnancy

  1. You go girl!! I guess stagnancy is a phase that we all go through. I’ve been working at this new place for five months now and that feeling is starting to emerge. For the past four months I have been having an amazing time and I wouldn’t want it to end. However as I spend more time at this place the stronger the sense of stagnancy I feel. I guess I really want to help the organisation to grow but it’s been fixated for such a long period of time that nothing seems to be progressing at all. I guess I just need to try harder.


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