Fearless In 2014: Allow Yourself To Say “No”

142For a while, I wanted to create my own music website. I knew exactly what I wanted to call it and my vision for how I wanted it to turn out. After weeks of figuring out everything, I decided that it just wasn’t for me…at least right now, anyway. I started to feel kind of guilty after I told myself that it wasn’t worth it. I wanted this for so long, but with the lack of money for a domain along with the pressure of keeping it updated everyday, I knew it just wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I have other things that I need to focus on right now, and running a website would be a major distraction. With guilt, comes personal negativity. I felt like I was giving up but now I realize that I was thinking about my priorities.

Maybe one day, I’ll start up my own site. Maybe it will be music related or not. Until then, I have everything I need to put my dreams into action right now. I write for two wonderful music and entertainment websites, BUZZNET and A Thousand Guitars, which has allowed me to build a following. We are always looking for more, which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes, we need to sit back and examine what we already have in our lives. We always feel the need to say “yes” to every opportunity, even if it will ruin something we are currently building. Allow yourself to say “no” – “not right now” or “maybe another time.” By then, I guarantee you’ll be able to concoct a much better product.


Fearless In 2014

Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014

The Satisfaction of Progress

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16 thoughts on “Fearless In 2014: Allow Yourself To Say “No”

  1. ur vision and dream can not be actualize when ur view goal is not complete draw.also involve the master planner in all ur activities which is jesus christ which is the direction and way.hold on one then follow by the other.thank for God will bring ur desir to come to pass.


  2. I agree with you – and I’m sorry of what you’re going through right now.
    There are many things which I’d like to do now and I did see the opportunities emerging but I just don’t have enough resources to turn them into reality. Till then I’ll be collecting my resources and wait patiently (:


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