I Want My Love To Surround You


Music and writing are my two main forms of expression. Sometimes, we just get so caught up in a moment or a feeling and it’s hard to put it all into words. Then the most perfect song comes along and everything aligns.

This is an open letter to the person I love set to the theme of Echosmith’s “Surround You.” This Valentine’s Day, if you’re lucky enough to spend it with someone you love, let them know – not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday. You’re are blessed to have that person beside you. I’d give anything to have him next to me, but God has asked me to wait, so I will.

“I searched valleys and mountain tops. Rolling hills and ticking clocks were all I heard, all that sound. Never thought love could be found.”

Dear Love,

The tick of the clock is so loud when you’re not around. Sometimes, I wish I had the guts to walk right up to you when I had the chance (and I had plenty) but something held me back. It wasn’t the right time and I’ll be damned if I’m just some girl you meet at those places you used to frequent. It’s strange not being able to see you so often anymore, but I have a feeling the next time I do see you, it will be the right time. I still think you could never love me, after being with who you’re with right now (can you not with the Instagram photos?) but that’s just the devil on my back. I’d like to think that you’d be amazed at this whole story. I know I am…everyday.


“I kept passing by every sign hoping one day I’d make you mine. We’d be laughing side by side. Darling, I’m thrilled to have you by, by my side.”

The signs (or “godwinks, as I like to call them) remind me everyday to keep holding on. You’d think after years of seeing them without anything to show for them would make me want to turn away but it only strengthens my hold. God has shown me so much and it’s hard to describe to an outsider, and quite frankly, makes me look incredibly naive and looney, but I wouldn’t give this up for the world. The signs show me that the future is filled with laughter and bright beginnings. I’m dreaming of the day when I can just lay next to you and put a pair of headphones over your ears and let you listen to every word and melody that has kept me afloat for so long. Sharing music is intimate, and something most people just can’t comprehend about me. I want you to be the one that hears my irregular heartbeat by pushing ‘play;’ the one that sees my naked soul through the eyes of the one.

“Wherever you are. Whenever you need me. Just crawl in my arms and I’ll hold you beside me.”

It’s a rough week but you’re the strongest person I know. I’d give anything to keep you close to me all night. I sometimes surprise myself with how far I’d go for you.


“I want my love to surround you…”

Every minute of every hour of every day. Today, tomorrow and forever – I love you.



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