Fearless In 2014: Set Goals

142Some people say that setting goals is like living out your own agenda over God’s, and I won’t lie, I’ve thought of it that way myself. We can plan out as much as we want, but sometimes, things just don’t work out the way we want. I usually took things on in the moment and let it flow from there, but I’m finding out that that isn’t working out so well for me. It is time to set some goals and I am determined to make them happen!

Starting today, I am giving myself until my birthday, September 12, to find a decent job. I have one in mind that I want pretty badly and I am going to make sure that I get it. So that gives me approximately 7 months to push harder than ever to make things happen. It may even take only a month, or if I’m super lucky, a couple of weeks – but either way, things need to change and I am tired of feeling unworthy.

How is Fearless In 2014 working out for you guys so far? Have you conquered any of your fears? If so, congratulations! You’re one step ahead of me! If not, that’s totally okay. We all move at our own pace, but be mindful of the chances you may be missing out on. So if you have some goals, give them an expiration date – it’ll help you work harder to meet those goals and push you towards something truly remarkable. You’ll thank yourself (and maybe me) in the long run. 😉



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13 thoughts on “Fearless In 2014: Set Goals

  1. So far I haven’t done anything fearless yet – except telling my supervisor not to yell at me. She just screams at people when she’s upset. I think she’s abusive.

    I’ve also been trying to make more plans in travelling around Kuala Lumpur. I hope to make more memories whenever I can.


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