It’s Like I Dreamed You Into Life


Daily Prompt: What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare. Leave no frightening detail out.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us IMAGINARY.

Today’s Daily Prompt caught me by surprise…a delightful one of course. I sat at my computer for what felt like 30 minutes trying to decide if I wanted to participate and tell my story or if I should just leave well enough alone and keep my secret. I’ve touched on this subject before, but as much as I want to shout my story from the rooftops, I’m always careful to be vague about it. There’s a lot I want to keep to myself, as it should be, yet there is so much I want to share because this situation is quite remarkable..well, depending on who you ask, which is why I like to keep all negativity out. There are only two people who know about it, a dear friend and God. I’m probably going to be vague again, and I apologize, but some things are meant to be a mystery. Though, I can promise you all that if things finally do start to happen, you’ll definitely hear about it. 😉

I truly believe that God was ready to wake me up on the morning of July 29, 2010….and boy, did he! It’s like one day you’re the same withdrawn person you’ve always been and then the next you’re given the strength to walk away from everything that has ever held you back in order to feel brand new. I believe God showed me not only what I am worth in that dream, but he also showed me what I am capable of. I don’t mean to sound defensive, but unless you’ve experienced the things I have within the past three and a half years, you cannot possibly know what any of this is like.

You see, I had a dream about someone very special. At the time, I was in a rocky relationship and I felt numb to whatever was going on at the time. I guess you could say that dream was my awakening. While I did feel extreme guilt for dreaming about someone else, deep down I knew I needed to get out. Three months later, I found the courage to do so. I won’t say who this person is (not that anyone really knows who he is) but he’s a special one. The past three and a half years have been the most eye-opening, magical, tumultuous, scary, beautiful years of my life…and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Some may say that I am wasting my time, while others may think it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve been conflicted more than I can count, yet something keeps telling me to wait it out. In this moment, I choose God. I choose Him to keep showing me the signs and follow Him to new places I never imagined I’d be worthy of. I’m not sure if I was meant to fall in love with that person, but I did. Maybe all of this is only fiction and will make a good novel one day. Either way, I need to follow it and find out.

So today’s Daily Prompt wants us to show something “imaginary.” Funnily enough, this feels anything but imaginary. I hereby give you all permission to call me a wacko and anything else in the dictionary relating to the word, ‘crazy.’ The truth is, I don’t blame you. I’m choosing to believe that it’s the crazy ones who have all the fun and wind up with the things they’ve always dreamed of…literally. 😉  “Maybe it’s intuition, but some things you just don’t question.”

“I know that it might sound more than a little crazy, but I believe…”



16 thoughts on “It’s Like I Dreamed You Into Life

  1. Often I feel like choosing God is what makes us crazy in the first place. It is never easy to walk away from the things in life that bring us comfort (even if it just for that specific moment). I have learned in the last 8 years that the right things, the things I am meant to be doing, typically tend to be uncomfortable and seemingly “crazy” 😉


    1. Agreed! By the way, the next time I see you, I’m telling you this whole story. Cara is the only one who knows and I’m pretty sure you won’t make fun of me. But if you do, I don’t blame you. Hahahah! ❤


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