Product of My Own Design

Sometimes I sit here and read about other people’s lives and I wonder how they feel about them. Everyone seems to be following the same path while I am wondering if I should just hang up my dignity and follow suit.

It must be nice to have everything figured out. To have a life that is so neat and tidy. Graduate high school, go to college, find a spouse and get married. I can’t relate to people like that. Life is supposed to be messy. I don’t want what everyone else has and somehow that makes me the freak.

We are encouraged to be ourselves and to lead the lives we want to lead, yet the second somebody does something different than the norm, we are ostracized for it.

I was once like them. I thought I had it all figured out. Then one day, things changed and I’ve been trying to feel my way through the fog. Fog is uncertain and it may take us off the main path, but the possibilities of where it may lead you is something I need to find out for myself.

If you enjoy following the same path as everyone else, then that’s great. I am a product of my own design, and I intend on walking through the fog until it clears.



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