Honest, All of the Time

There is nothing more valuable than friendship. I love every one of my friends, even if we don’t talk as often as we should. I’m usually honest with them about everything. In the past, I used to hold back a lot and I found that it was blocking off a part of me that needed to be shared, but now, I’m as open as it gets while still trying to maintain that balance of privacy.

Lately, I haven’t been doing such a great job of being honest with someone. This person is starting to step over the boundaries I’ve put up and I’m not sure if I am comfortable with it. In all fairness, I kind of feel bad for this person so I let it all slide without saying anything, but if I don’t open my mouth soon, I am going to wind up in the same situation I was in four years ago for the sake of being righteous. I don’t want to become that girl again. I don’t want to settle.

Someone pointed out to me today that I shouldn’t sacrifice my honesty for the sake of someone’s feelings. That kind of caught me by surprise (and it sure cleared up a lot of my confusion from over the past month) but it makes sense. I just wish that person felt the same way about me as that other friend..even just a little bit. Am I being too cryptic? Sorry. :/

Point is, I’ll never be happy if I just settle. I refuse to. It takes strength to walk away from a minor opportunity when you’re down to nothing, but the reward is even greater when the wait is over and God shows you what He has been working on for so long.




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