Wheel of Lies: Are Wheel of Fortune’s Contestants Really as Privileged as They Seem?

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For as long as we can remember, Wheel of Fortune has been showing us that happy go-lucky people are dying to spin a wheel that will give them the chance to win money while screaming out “BIG MONEY!” You can’t deny that it’s a fun game show that gets your brain working. Who doesn’t want to forget their problems and solve puzzles for 30 minutes?

As I’m getting older (and apparently, crankier) I’ve noticed the insane amount of privilege that gets chosen to be contestants on the show. One man graduated from Yale with a wonderful wife and kids while the woman next to him has a great job and an even better husband. Everyone seems to be happily married with a wonderful job and it makes me wonder if any of that is really true. We get it: either the producers told them to suck it up and lay it on real thick or the notion of “money going to money” really is true and these people really do have it all. I understand that college isn’t cheap (hence one of the reasons why I didn’t go) and winning a large sum of money can help pay off debt, but….really? When are they going to have a show dedicated to the underprivileged and unemployed?

For once, I’d like to hear a real story behind Wheel’s contestants.

“Hi, I’m Tina. I am currently unemployed but looking to win tonight’s game so I can at least have some money to fall back on so that I don’t wind up living in a cardboard box by the time I’m 30. Oh yeah, and I’m single. My last boyfriend was a total shit so I’m not really interested in dealing with another man’s bullshit at the moment. BIG MONEY!!!”

While I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune literally since I was in diapers (my dad said I used to go nuts during the theme song as a baby) I never noticed how selective the show was until I was down in the dumps myself. I understand that we all could use money, no matter the situation, but I just wish I would see more honesty. After all, nobody is perfect and a facade only goes so far.

Just saying.


4 thoughts on “Wheel of Lies: Are Wheel of Fortune’s Contestants Really as Privileged as They Seem?

  1. My brother was watching the news about the man that won the “baby buggy” puzzle. He swore he had seen him in a movie. He further went on to tell me that the character, Jesse, from Breaking Bad was on the Price Is Right . . . as a paid actor! So I think your theory may be proving itself true. These people are all too good to be true because they are all actors. That’s just sad!


  2. I think we had a show similar to what you posted about many, many moons ago but I never thought about how the producers can be so selective of the participants. Interesting though.


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