Fearless In 2014: Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

originalI apologize for my lack of Fearless In 2014 updates. I haven’t been too fearless lately, and my intention for this year was to be nothing short of that. I was so determined at the beginning of the year. Now, I find myself in the same slump as I was last year. It is time to make some changes, and this time, I’m not letting my dreams and goals slip away. Curiosity will never let me go, and I intend on holding onto it.

It’s fun to be curious. Curiosity keeps us on our toes, ready to see what comes next. It leads us to places we never imagined were possible. If you never try, you never know. There’s always the risk of failure, but I think failure and rejection are only reminders that show us we made an effort.

I’ve been such a hermit this past winter and it’s resulted in me losing touch with my initial goals for this year. This spring, I vow to take a walk on the brighter side, get moving and finally figure out what I am capable of. It’s people’s reactions that I’m scared of the most, but I’m learning every day that it doesn’t have to make sense to them.

Let curiosity be your guide. Go out there (literally) and discover. Explore. Be your own navigator and narrator. After all, your own story is the safest place you’ll ever be.


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