Fearless In 2014: Believe There’s Something Worth Fighting For

142There comes a time in the journey of life where we have to fight for something – whether it be something we believe in, a lover, or just something you strongly feel you deserve. Fighting is constant, and if I’m being honest, it keeps the fire going.

There is so much I feel like I can do, yet no one wants to take a chance on me. I’m sick of asking for permission, being ignored and ultimately let down all while hating myself and questioning my abilities in the process. I need to figure out a way to do what I love without begging some higher-up for permission to do it – oh wait, I already do! I may not be getting paid for it, but I enjoy every single second of it and I intend on fighting for it to be my full-time career one day!

Fighting for what you want is fearless. So drop your swords and use your bare hands. Let your skills, experience and expertise be your weapon. FIGHT! Don’t give up until they give you your fair shot. Or, go out there and make your own luck. I’m still trying to figure that one out…


Fearless In 2014

Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014

The Satisfaction of Progress

To Brag or Not To Brag?


Fight Stagnancy

Allow Yourself To Say “No”

Think Again

Set Goals

Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

I Wanna See You Be Brave


“As far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter who you are if you can believe there’s something worth fighting for”


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