In Defense of Classiness


The term “classy” has evolved over the years. As society changes, so does it’s meaning – well, depending on who you ask.

I’ve always been a relatively modest girl. I was never one to show too much skin or seek the attention of ‘the wrong crowd’, so to speak, but I do have my sassy side. I know when to speak up if I have to and I respect those who have an opinion and choose to exercise their right of free speech. I’ve always prided myself on my strong morals despite practically being crucified for them. I’ve been called every name in the book and have been told that “the 1920s are over” but what I want to know is when did morality become obsolete? What do you do when the wrong people give being classy a bad rep? What happens when these people falsely mold you into a stereotype and change the socially accepted meaning altogether? It’s not fun, but someone has to teach these fools a thing or two.

“I’m a classy bitch!” said every girl on Instagram ever. But to that I have to say, no sweetie, you are not. I’m seems that everyone thinks they’re fancy now yet I don’t seem to see any signs of respect or class. Throwing up your middle finger with a joint in your mouth with the caption “classy hoes” isn’t what you think it is. So sit back and take some notes. 😉

Being classy is a way of life. It’s in your mannerisms, your style and the way you portray yourself. It’s about integrity and dignity. It’s about knowing when to be silent and when to speak up when necessary all while trying to convey your point of view without being equally as disrespectful as your offender. It’s about knowing your worth and your boundaries. It’s not something you boast about to gain street cred. Actions, especially in this case, speak louder than words. Boasting about your sex life on social media isn’t classy. Some things are meant to stay private – please let that be one of them. I’m tired of having to correct people when I talk about class. When women preach about being classy while they post pictures of some dude doing body shots off of them, it sends out the wrong message of what being classy truly means.

Being classy isn’t knowing the art of which utensil to use anymore. While I do admit that some definitions of the word seem so archaic now, as the times have progressed, I think the term goes much deeper but we’re still not where we should be. Women who don’t want to use their sexuality as a means to get ahead tend to get treated like social lepers by getting called prudes while feminists use their wrath to drill in our heads that showing off our bodies to the world is somehow our God given right. But the fact of the matter is, we just want what everyone else wants: respect. Why does it have to be either/or? If women showed more of what was truly in their hearts rather than their ‘goods,’ we might have a more positive light to shine on the media, henceforth a better future for young girls struggling with body image issues.

I’m not saying everyone should live as I do, but please practice what you preach. Make sure you look up the definition of a word before you throw it around and give everyone else a bad rep!



2 thoughts on “In Defense of Classiness

  1. We should probably just travel back to 1920.

    I do agree that I’m still searching the meaning of being a feminist. I don’t want to come across as someone promoting that thought of “I choose who I sleep with equals to being a feminist”. Because I think it completely serves no purpose in getting women and girls to stay classy. There’s a thin line between how a person express his or her individuality and just being completely dumb. I don’t want to criticise how others live their lives and many times I don’t see why our sexual lives need to be made public. I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s just me not being feminist enough.


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