How Sweet The Sound

I don’t understand how one can go through life without music by their side.

90% of everything I’ve been through – music was there to walk me through it.

I’ve learned so much about myself and about life through music. Someone else’s words somehow turn into your own. Then, it’s as if you’re going through it together.

I never understood how people deal with the harshness of this world without a soundtrack. Who would I be without one? I’m not sure I wanna know.

I grew up in a household where music was criticized – my dad thought what he liked was what everyone should like (still does) and my mom resented my dad so much that anytime I mentioned my love for music, I got an eye-roll. How on earth does she do it? Go without something that keeps you so protected and warm through the rough nights? 

Music has a way of empowering the hopeless. I’m still that 7 year-old in my bedroom reading every lyric and taking in every note as if it were the first time.

I believe the music is going to lead me to someplace wonderful. Maybe to even someone wonderful…who really gets it like I do.


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