It’s Only a Test

A year ago today, I was such a mess. Ok, when am I not a mess? But really, I came across something that broke my heart but in turn, it brought me closer to God. Now, I have a special bond with Him that keeps getting stronger.

For the past few months, I have had this unusual hollow feeling of loneliness wash over me. I’m usually pretty independent. I can handle things on my own. But lately, it’s been taking it’s toll on me and I wasn’t sure why all of a sudden it decided to just catch up with me now. I’m starting to realize that it could be a test.

I’ve waited patiently for quite some time now. It’s been hard, but this is where it gets harder. This just might be the final stages. If I can get through this, I will see what I am truly made of. Maybe God will even fulfill his promises.

Or then again, I could really be as insane as I think I am and wind up in the nut house. I hope they have computers there. Imagine blogging from a mental ward? 😀


“I’ve been tossed around a time or two. Funny in the way I seem to hang on still.”


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