0/5 Stars: Negativity In Music Journalism


Negativity in music journalism isn’t new, but it bothers me. It breaks my heart. I love what I do so much, and I would be more than happy if I got paid for it. Instead, I’m passed over for someone who is mean and condescending. I often wonder the impact it makes on musicians and their creativity. Does it hold them back from making big artistic leaps? How does it make them feel personally? I’m offended just by reading it – and it’s not even my work. I can’t imagine someone dissecting my innermost thoughts and emotions and slandering it in a massive publication.

We were all once just kids in our bedrooms listening to the bands that spoke our truths. The artists you are listening to right now have influences that fueled them to start making music.

Even critics have favorite bands. I have favorite bands. But I am not a critic. What would music critics say to another critic who has blatantly dissected and harshly condemned one of their favorite albums?

Maybe what these “writers” need is a taste of their own medicine. Maybe bands should write their own reviews of a critic’s work. A review of a review if you will.

When I think of these so-called “music journalists,” I imagine stuffed shirts. Too cool for the job, but just showed up to the show to stand in the corner, arms folded, critiquing everything, as if they have no flaws themselves. When I write about music, I can’t help but let my enthusiasm come out. I don’t see any other way around it. Sure, I have opinions of music that I wouldn’t exactly call phenomenal, but I’m lucky enough to have the freedom to choose not to write about it.

I wish there were a ban on negativity in music journalism. Let the listener decide for themselves. Don’t let one critic’s ignorant remarks cast a body of work into oblivion. It shouldn’t be the be all end all for an album.

I write about music because I love it. Because I want to get others excited about my new discoveries – this is how we find new music. It’s a cycle that keeps on turning. I believe that my words shouldn’t influence your decision in buying or listening to anything, but rather give you the opportunity to decide for yourself. By putting a new band in your hands that you may not have heard of otherwise, not only are we helping artists grow their fan base but we are also saving those lost souls who just need that one perfect song to make them feel okay. I don’t see a place for negativity in any of that. There’s enough of it out there. Don’t let it enter your bubble.


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