Why I Come Here

I finally had the chance to get out of the city for the day yesterday.

Sometimes I feel like this city is suffocating me.

As people push me on the street, it almost feels as if the world is pushing me out of it. Like I don’t belong here.

Here, in my hiding place, I don’t have to think.

I don’t have to sit in front of my computer and search endlessly (and hopelessly) for a job I don’t feel good enough for.

I’m not hating myself here for what I don’t have.


I’m not asked what I do or what I want to do.

I’m not criticized for what I don’t do.

I am just Tina and titles mean nothing.

There’s never a shortage of laughter and there’s always a welcoming smile.

There’s good people and good food on the table.

Where family and friends intertwine.

Fresh air, fresh thoughts. God feels closer here. The sky not as far away.

Here, the weight of the world is lifted off and I can just be me.


The noise is far away and clarity starts to make it’s way in – still unsettled, but clearer.

For a city girl, nature is a gift.


Where the simple notion of just being you is avoided, here it is welcomed.

Not because somebody wants something from you,

but because they love you and enjoy your company.

That is why I come here.

That is why I never want to leave.



One thought on “Why I Come Here

  1. And I thought it just happens with me….
    Its like we are trapped and we want to get out..but still we dont want to.get out….its the curse of this era…I guess…we strive for peace…all around..n neglect the one thats inside us….


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