What Am I Supposed To Do?


Where are you?

Are you still here?

When will you be back?

Will you ever come back?

Will she be gone by then?

When will this happen?

Will it ever happen?

Am I insane?

Waiting in vain?


What am I supposed to do?

Wander around the city, looking for you?

It seems impossible in a city so large.

But wouldn’t it be funny?

If I found you?

Then I’d know for sure.

But somehow I already know.

Just come back.

Be here.

Turn that plane around.

Leave that plastic town.

Find me.

Now that you’ve gone,

I’m wondering

What was I supposed to do?

I ask Him, everyday.

“Wait,” He says,

and so I do.

“I can’t ever stop trying to get back to you”


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