Oh So Frank

Let me start this off by being frank, if you will. I don’t have any good men in my life. Growing up, (and even now, I’ll admit) my view on men hasn’t been such a positive one. I watch how the fathers of my friends are with them and it makes me envious. How did they get so lucky to have that support behind them? A part of me tells me that I shouldn’t complain. I’m not saying that my father is an awful person – we get along fine and our relationship has sort of improved from my younger years, but as far as being the man I need him to be, he falls short. The more effort I put into it, the more I am left disappointed and frustrated. So, time after time, I have to remind myself to just take him as he is because nothing I do or say will change him. Compared to a lot of other families, I have it made. One night while listening to music (which is how most of my revelations seem to come through) I realized something crucial: I am lucky too.


My grandfather, Frank George, died of lung cancer in 1990. I was only 2 years-old and have no memories of ever meeting him. After listening to my family tell me heartwarming stories of who he was, I have no doubt that he is living in me and that we would have been very close. His unbeatable humor and honesty are the very things I carry with me day to day as I try to lift someone’s spirits or when I need a moment to just clear my thoughts and write it all out. The amount of love he had for one woman and the sacrifices he made to make sure his family was taken care of is something I can only pray for in a future love for myself. My mother always says they don’t make men like him anymore, and as much as I agree, fed up with being treated poorly, I have this undeniable feeling that he is up there in Heaven fighting for me.

According to my family, my grandfather did everything. While I am so used to seeing my father sit on the couch while my mother used to cook and fix everything, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to ask for help and have a fatherly figure stand up and help you. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to realize the importance of the lessons others teach us. Whether it be from people we don’t really know or from those who have come and gone long before we were ever able to form any lasting memories. It’s the stories that are passed on that keep those people alive, and though I don’t remember my grandfather, I can certainly say that I know him. I just hope I’m making him proud.

This Father’s Day, take the time out to say thank you to those special men in your lives. I always thought I never had any positive examples of men in my life, but the legacy of a good man never dies. My heart may be jaded right now, but I was told that a great man is diligent in delivering surprises. He’s got this. 😉


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“The finest man I’ll know and he’s fighting for me. How did I get so lucky?”


Daddy’s Girl


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