It Never Fails

It never fails.

Every time I try to express my thoughts to someone, I’m always looked at like I have two heads.

This is why I keep to myself.

It feels like a battle.

To prove myself.

I’m tired of having to explain myself.

I get it. I’m not like you. Or her. Or him. Or anyone.

But, I am a human being, too.

I feel things deeply. I hide from people who have burned me, afraid of their words digging into my heart again. They assume it doesn’t affect me. It does. I’m distant to most everyone, not sharing my innermost thoughts. It is through writing that I can really be free.

It is so hard for me to relate to people. Friends, my parents. Potential lovers. I feel like I scare them away. Too much drama. But all I ever wanted was for them to listen. Ask. Not to pass judgment or ridicule. Tell me what they would do.

It never fails.

They try to mold me but I don’t bend that way.

Never have, never will.

So alone I’ll stay, until God decides I’ve suffered enough.


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